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Fit For Golf 101

Starting From Scratch?

This program was specifically designed for people with little previous workout experience, or who have fallen out of shape.

Gradual Progression

The program starts very easy. As you get accustomed to the exercises and improve in flexibility, strength, and conditioning the difficulty is increased slowly.

Easy To do from Home

The vast majority of Fit For Golf 101 can be with very basic equipment, making it easy to follow from home. or at the gym.

Senior Friendly

I regualarly get questions of concern from senior golfers, worried about previous injury or "age". This is the program to start with.

Program Details

  • 12 week program, split into 3 Levels. Level 1, 2, & 3. Each Level is 4 weeks in duration. There are 3 primary full body training  sessions per week. Each session will take approx 30-45 minutes. 
  • The workouts can be done from home or at the gym. Please scroll to the FAQ section at the bottom of this e-mail to see the recommended equipment list for home workouts. 
  • Many of the exercises do not require any specialised equipment. at all. They can even be done while watching TV!
  • This program is recommend for people currently with a lower level of fitness, have little previous workout experience, or have fallen out of shape. If that sounds like you, this is the perfect program to get you back on track for golf and life. 
  • I often receive questions from senior golfers, concerned about joint issues, or injuring themselves. This program begins at a very low intensity level, perfect for getting started.
  • The program will be delivered via the Fit For Golf App. You can also download an Excel version from the app. For new app users: The app is not available in the App store, and you do not need to download it before purchase. After buying the program go straight to your e-mail and follow the instructions to set up your account and download the app.
  • The workouts contain a mixture of dynamic and static stretching, balance & stability work, full body strengthening, and speed and power exercises. All geared towards a beginner level.

Program Objectives

The primary objective of this program is to improve golf and general “fitness” and ease you into habit of training consistently.  The secondary objective of this program which is automatically interlinked with the primary objective is to improve your club head speed. 

Fitness can be defined in a number of ways, so it’s important to put the term in some context.  

The program will work on full body:

  • Mobility & Flexiblity
  • Stability & Balance
  • Strength
  • Power 
  • Speed
  • Injury Prevention & Rehab
  • Cardiovascular Fitness 
  • Muscle Mass Maintenance / gain and fat loss (when combined with an appropriate diet)

I’m guessing you are interested in golf, fitness, and living a long and healthy life. The beauty of this program, and all the other programs I write is that they help you with all of these goals. Please do not take the attitude “I’m not in good enough shape” for this program or that you are too old to benefit. There are options throughout the program for all fitness levels, and I am happy to provide advice along the way. 

If you follow the program consistently I absolutely 100% guarantee you will improve. 

Fit For Golf APP User Testimonials

"These workouts have resulted in me not having to see a Chiro for the last 3 months, for my long standing lower back issue, which is a great achievement as it has been bothering me for 10 years. My clubhead speed has increased from 104-109mph.
Khawar Khan
46, 10 hcp
"I just wanted to update you on my progress. I was concerned starting out as I have had two meniscus tears on one of my knees. Following your advice, I took things a little steady and I can't tell you how pleased I am. My knee feels much better! My strength, flexibility, and physique have improved greatly. It has cost me though as I have lost 2.5 inches from my waist and needed to buy new trousers :-)! Seriously though, I am thoroughly enjoying the program and would recommend it to anyone, even if they don't play golf. My distance has improved with all my clubs. I'm around 1 x club longer with my irons, and I've easily gained 20 yards with my driver. As a result of increased stability & flexibility I'm more consistently hitting the centre of the club too. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be buying another program when I finish this one".
John andrews
58, 3 hcp
"I am halfway through your 101 program and am feeling much better. I have lost 20 lbs. I am a 74 year old retired golf nut, with an artificial left hip, and have had major rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. I am now driving it out near my golfing buddies, I used to be 10-30 yards behind. I am much better off physically, mentally, and golf wise than I was. Your program is one of the best "bangs for the buck" I have ever seen. You can do it old men!"
Paul Brumley
74, 11 handicap
"I've just completed the Fit For Golf 101 Programand and highly recommend it. Prior to this year I had been losing flexibility and distance at an alarming pace. Each year I encountered few less yards with the driver and a host of nagging injuries. Over the past 12 weeks I've faithfully followed the program. My overall muscle tone and mass has significantly improved, especially around my mid section and upper body. Flexibility and range of motion in my ankles, pelvis, and thoracic spine has also significantly improved. Most importantly, I have been able to avoid the nagging injuries that used previously plague me in the second half of golf season over the past number of years. I'm looking forward to continuing my gains in flexibility, strength, and club head speed with the release of your Super Speed Program. Thank you for the high quality product'.
Jon Sievers
37, 5 hcp

Frequently asked questions

50% of the 1500+ Fit For Golf app users do their workouts from home. It can also be done while traveling / staying in hotels with a combination of the equipment in the following list that travels well, and hotel gyms. Here is the equipment list I recommend if doing the workouts from home: 

  • Medicine Ball: I recommend a 6-10lb ball weight. It must be a wall ball style medicine ball which is suitable for throwing and slamming against walls and floors. This is dependent on your strength level. All medicine ball exercises can be simulated with resistance bands / tubing if throwing a medicine ball is not an option for you. LINK
  • Dumbbells: The weight required will vary for different exercises but pairs of 20lb and 35lb would work well for most people. The more options in this regard the better. 
  • Resistance Bands /Tubing:  They can be used to replicate any of the exercises done on a cable machine in the gym, and can be used to simulate medicine ball exercises. They are also perfect for people who travel a lot as they are light and easy to pack. LINK
  • Dowel Rod / PVC Pipe / Broom Handle  (4-6 feet in length). A golf club can be used instead.

Fit For Golf 101 is aimed at beginner fitness levels, people who have little workout experience, or whom have fallen out of shape. If you are already used to working out and in good shape, check out the Off-Season and Super Speed Programs. 

12 Weeks. 3 workouts per week. Each workout takes approx 30-45 minutes. 

Yes. I recommend being careful of your recovery however. To get the full benefits from this training program you should be fresh when doing the workouts. I suggest avoiding heavy lifting and excessive cardio. If you are not recovering in between workouts you will not be able to give 100% effort to this program. Many people perform some regular cardio, HIT, or exercise classes. 

No. Program access on the app will expire 16 weeks after your program start date. If you want to change your access start date contact me directly through the app or e-mail

You will receive an Excel copy of the program with video links as a permanent copy. Upon completion of the 16 weeks there will also be an option to upgrade to Fit For Golf Premium and access all of the Fit For Golf App Material. 

Get clearance by a physio, but as long as you start conservatively – probably yes. It will likely serve as good rehab – but double check with someone if you think you should. Read the testimonials above from golfers with injuries who very successfully used this program. 

At Least 5mph. Some people have gained 10+mph in 12 weeks. 

Yes, but you will need to ensure you are in calorie deficit. 

For less advanced trainees, yes. For intermediate / advanced trainees I would suggest adding some lifting volume. For all trainees, calorie and protein intake will need to be in the right range to maximise muscle mass gain. 

No. You should in fact feel much better. Less aches and pains, more energy, faster recovery, and a more powerful swing. 

No. Many golfers over 70 have benefited from this program. 

Want Even More Improvement & For Better Value? You need Fit For Golf Premium!

This $12 monthly or $120 yearly subscription is the only golf fitness resource you will ever need. 

This package contains: 

  • Fit For Golf 101
  • Off Season Program
  • Speed Program
  • In Season Program
  • 15 Minute Home & Hotel Room Workouts 
  • A Golf Warm-Up Section (The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual)
  • Fit For Golf Recipe Ebook!
  • TPI Assessment Guide

Any new content I create will be uploaded to the app for no extra cost!

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the ONLY fitness resource will ever need to maximise your golf potential. 

Trusted by thousands of golfers from around the world. Juniors, seniors, 


Program #1

Off Season

Program #2

Super Speed

Program #3

Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual Videos & Recipe Book Also Included - $RRP 41.99

golf warm up routine

Individual Product Value

$ 377
  • - 101 $79
  • - Off-Season $79
  • - Super Speed $79
  • -Warm-Up Manual $29
  • - Recipe Book $12.99
  • - In Season Program $49 (Can't buy individually)
  • -TPI Assessment Guide (Can't buy individually)
  • - Home Workouts $49 (Can't buy individually)

Get All Of This On Fit For Golf Premium!

$ 12 per month
  • - 101
  • - Off-Season
  • - Super Speed
  • - Warm-Up Manual
  • - In Season
  • -Home Workouts
  • -Recipe Book
  • -TPI Assessment Guide
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