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Movement & Mobility: Transform Your Golfing Body

Physical Training & Preparation For All Levels of Golfer

Movement & Mobility: Transform Your Golfing Body

“I just feel so stiff”

“It takes me ages to loosen out”

“I’m stuck driving/at the desk all day”

“I can feel my swing getting shorter”

“My back gets sore after golf”


Can you relate with any of the above statements? I’m confident if you are the typical 9-5 office or sales worker you can.  I hear similar gripes from clients or in online discussions very regularly. We know that prolonged sitting is unhealthy, and that we should try to move more often. Do you have an understanding of what effects it is having on your body, and how this may affect your golf swing however?

To get an understanding of this lets consider the physical requirements desirable for powerful golf swings.

To give a very very basic outline we need:

Mobility: Ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders

Stability: Ankle. knee, hip, trunk/lumbar spine, scapula (shoulder blades)

We also need strength, power / rate of force development, and the motor control to coordinate our movement. I covered this in more in depth in the article: My 5 Pillars of Golf Strength and Conditioning.

The common sedentary lifestyle most of us spend the vast majority of our time in can have a devastating effect on these qualities and is the reason I put together these programs.

The aim of ‘Movement & Mobility’ is simple. I want to help people transform their golfing bodies and put them on the path to better swings, longer drives, less aches & pains, and more energy. I want you to regain good posture, full range of motion and mobility at your joints, stability and strength throughout in muscles that have been wasting away, balance and body control. It’s time to feel like an athlete and enjoy the use of your body. No matter what your starting level or age if you commit a little bit of time and effort you can make drastic changes.


The main difference between ‘ Movement & Mobility’ and the original Fit For Golf Programs I released it that these are designed with the busy, non gym goer in mind, and begin with a lower difficulty level. 90% of the exercises in these programs require zero equipment. I recommend a foam roller, a couple of bands/resistance tubing, and a dumbbell or kettlebell but they are not necessary, and you can do the vast majority of the exercises with just your body and some space. (Every house should have these essentials IMO though).

If you want to invest in your golfing body, for less than the price of one big night out, the details and checkout are below.

There are 3 levels available (level 1-3), and all levels contain 3 workouts, with 13 exercises in each workout. There is also the option to bulk buy levels 1-3 for a huge discount. I encourage you to follow each level for 4 weeks before progressing but there is no golden rule for this. For somebody starting from scratch, purchasing levels 1,2,&3 would provide 12 weeks of programming, and would be an excellent investment in your body.

What happens once you buy the program option you have chosen?

Once you check out at the PayPal online counter, within 24 hours you will receive

  • An e-mail request to set up a “Trainerize account” and download their app. This is an online training host service, and allows me to add users as members. Trainerize makes viewing the video demonstrations and programs on your smart phone extremely user friendly. Once you set up your Trainerize account and log in, the program you purchased will be waiting for you. There is also options to print your program from your Trainerize account, making it easy to track and record your workouts. I highly recommend you do this.
  • You will also receive an excel attachment of your program . This contains a printable program, and links to your exercises on my private youtube page. This is important as purchase of a program only gives you access to Trainerize for one month (3 levels gives you access for 3 months). When your month is up, you can either buy a new program to keep your account active, or use the excel version I have sent you, which is permanent. 

Finally, if for whatever reason something goes wrong, get in touch immediately via or any of my social media pages and I will do my best to respond and rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Select the option you wish to receive below by clicking the “Buy Now” button which will redirect you to PayPal. Upon payment you will receive your link to the training program by e-mail within 24 hours.

Level 1: $49 Buy Now Button

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Level 3: $49 Buy Now Button

Level 1,2, & 3: $109Buy Now Button

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