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Resistance Band Power Workout

A simple routine you can do from home that just requires some space and resistance bands.

I recommend these bands (or similar): LINK

The protective cover / sheath is important as it hugely reduces the likelihood of a band snapping, and the injury risk if it does.

When training for explosive power we must move with as force as possible. To do this safely and effectively we should warm up

A simple way to warm up for this routine is to go through the exercises for 1 to 2 sets at less than full effort. I then recommend doing 2 to 3 sets where you really try as hard as you can on every rep.This is what stimulates the fast twitch muscle fibers and our ability to send rapid signals to them (called rate coding or motor unit discharge rate), which are the goals of this routine.

What many people don’t know is that lifting heavy weights relative to our strength level also recruits and trains our fast twitch muscle fibers.

It doesn’t do as good a job of improving how quickly we can send the signals to them though, which is also important.

Lifting heavy weights is important for making the muscles bigger and stronger, which also has a huge effect on explosiveness, which is why you will see me promoting a mix of fast and heavy exercises.

This routine has 4 exercises.

I suggest going through them in circuit fashion, doing between 8 reps on each exercise, for 2-3 circuits (after warming up thoroughly).

You should rest for about 30 to 60 seconds between each exercise (and each circuit).

I suggest doing this 3 times per week.

Pro tip: It is a great way to get the body moving and firing on all cylinders before practice or play

What resistance should I use?
There is no perfect answer to this. You want to be in a sweet spot where there is enough resistance that you feel comfortable with applying 100% of your effort against it, but not so much that you can’t move quickly or uninterrupted.

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Exercise 1: Jump

Instructions: The legs are huge power producers in the golf swing, and jumping is an excellent way to increase the explosive power in our lower body. In the video below you will see 3 jump options. You can choose whichever one suits you best. For those who want to limit the stress of landing, jumping onto a low box will be a good option.

Exercise 2: Band Rotation

Instructions: These are a great total body exercise, with primary focus on the oblique muscles of the mid section. Make the band move as fast as you possibly can!

Exercise 3: Chest Press

Instructions: This will train the upper body pushing muscles, primarily the chest, shoulders, and triceps, and also the obliques, as they will aid in rotation used to help power the movement.

Exercise 4: Rows

Instructions: Rows are a great way to train the upper body pulling muscles, which are primarily the rhomboids, lats, rear shoulder. Basically the whole upper back area.