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Physical Development For All Levels Of Golfer

Strength And Conditioning Program For Golf: 5 Common Mistakes

Before diving into what I view as 5 of the most common mistakes people make when physically training for golf, let’s have a quick recap of what exactly the job of a golf strength and conditioning program is. Strength and Conditioning Program For Golf In my mind there are three things that it really boils…
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The Best Exercise For Golfers: Start Doing This Now!

I am going to explore what I think is single best exercise for golfers. To begin, I like to think I am fairly open minded and wiling to change when it comes to training and coaching. As my experience has grown I have changed my opinion on certain things but many of the principles I…
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Resistance Training For Golf – The Fountain of Youth 

In this article, I’m going to get into the importance of resistance training. It is a little bit more “sciencey” and less golf specific than most of my others, but the message is extremely relevant for golfers Key Points: Strength training is vitally important for quality of life during the aging process Lack of strength…
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4 Mobility Exercises For The Desk Bound Golfer

In today’s world many of us would benefit from mobility exercises because we spend huge amounts of time hunched over a desk, sitting in the car, and watching TV. A large percentage of you reading this probably spend 40-60 hours per week sitting. Couple this with limited physical activity and you are looking at a…
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Barbells Or Foam Rolling For Golf Training?

In this article, I explore perception and reality of strength training vs. foam rolling for golf. I love asking my followers on Twitter questions. It gives me great insight into the level of education and knowledge they have about particular topics. This allows me create informational content with an appropriate level of detail and complexity.…
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Power Essentials & How To Train Them: A 3 Part Series

Hi everyone, I put together a very basic 3 part series about how the body works to create power in the golf swing. There is also an exercise included in each post for you to try out at home or in the gym and hopefully help you in your quest to get “Fit For Golf”.…
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Power Essentials Part 2: X-Factor In The Backswing? Not So Fast

To get the bad joke out of the way immediately….No I’m not going to write about the TV show. The first installment of this series on power generation can be found here: Power Essentials Part 1: Ground Force & Leg Strength. X-Factor (XF) is a much talked about measure in the golf world and even though […]

Power Essentials Part 1: Ground Force & Leg Strength

This is the first of a three part series I am going to put together on what golfers need to know about training their bodies to give them the potential to create more club head speed, and in this part, I will be discussing ground force and leg strength. The next two will be x-factor,…
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Golf Strength and Conditioning: The 5 Pillars

5 Pillars of Golf Strength and Conditioning

I wrote this article after developing a series of training programs to be made available for purchase online (available here). Preparing these programs was an excellent way to solidify my current thoughts on the physical qualities golfers should focus on, and a progression system for the methods that are in my opinion, an efficient way of accomplishing this. Therefore the aim of this article was two-fold, to promote the product I have for sale, but also to provide an insight into how I currently organise the physical preparation of golfers. Hopefully golfers, trainers, swing instructors, physios, and fitness enthusiasts can benefit.

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