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Physical Development For All Levels Of Golfer

A Decrease in Club Head Speed With Age: Why? What Can You Do?

The Need For Speed: Why Club Head Speed Drops With Age, And What You Can Do About It.

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4 Forgotten Benefits of Golf Fitness Training

The benefits of golf fitness are starting to become a hot topic. All the top players are doing it and highlighting its importance, whilst some people think it’s ruining careers. Much of the criticism around physical training for golf tends to either warn about the dangers of becoming too bulky, or that the player will…
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Power Essentials Part 3: X-Factor Stretch

X-Factor Stretch is the third and final installment of the mini series covering power essentials in the golf swing. As I am a strength & conditioning coach and not a golf instructor, I focused on bigger, global body movements. What I wrote about is really just scratching the surface. The goal was to provide you…
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