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Fit For Golf App

Physical Development For All Levels Of Golfer

The Fit For Golf App

The Fit For Golf App enables you to get golf specific fitness programs which will transform your game, fitness, and health delivered directly to your phone, tablet, and computer.

There are currently 3 different training programs available, plus the Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual. These 3 Programs can be bought separately, in a bundle as “The Fit For Golf Transformation Package”, or you can also subscribe to Fit For Golf Premium.

Fit For Golf Premium is a unique subscription option for $12 per month / $120 Annually. You get permanent access to all 3 Programs, The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual, short home workouts, and bonus video. This section of the app is updated regularly with new videos and tips, you will get new programs for no extra cost as they are uploaded, and your app access never runs out. 

The main difference between the Transformation Package and Fit For Golf Premium is that with the Transformation Package in addition to one year access to the programs on the app you also receive an Excel Spreadsheet copy of the program with embedded video links you can download and keep as a permanent copy. 

Each program is 12 weeks in duration, consisting of 3 workouts per week. All workouts require between 30-60 minutes.

Regardless of your golf standard, fitness level, and equipment availability there is a program for you.

All programs follow a similar principle, but have variations in the prescribed exercises, set, rep, and tempo protocols. There is also differences in the total amount of training in each workout in the various programs. 

All programs have a mixture of exercises in each workout targeting:

  • Movement Control & Coordination
  • Dynamic Mobility & Flexibility
  • Speed & Power
  • Strength

In each exercise video I provide exercise modifications that make it easy to scale the workouts to to your fitness level, injury history, and equipment availability. 

To get more information about each specific program, click on the icons below. 

Level: Beginner

This is the best choice for people who are looking to kick start their golf fitness journey. It is designed specifically for people starting with a lower fitness level, or with limited workout experience. If you are apprehensive about getting started with training, this program will guide you from scratch.
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Labelled “Off Season” as this program consists of a reasonably high volume of training. Hundreds of app users have used it successfully year round however, so don’t be put off by the name. 

Suitable for all fitness levels but designed with people who have some training experience and are in reasonable condition in mind. Lower levels of fitness can absolutely do this program, just start conservatively. There are many exercise alternatives provided for varying fitness levels and equipment availability. 

The most notable difference between this program and the others is that it follows a “Triphasic” system of programming. This involves a manipulation of the tempo of certain phases of exercises including slow lowerings, pauses, and explosive movement. It’s an extremely effective method of programming for honing exercise technique, mobility, and  strength. (Credit to Cal Dietz for popularising Triphasic Training)

A common approach for beginner trainees is to do 101 first, then progress to the Off Season Program.

Fit For Golf - Super Speed
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

This program can be performed year round. It is a perfect program to insert into your pre season after performing the Off Season Program. 

As the name suggests there is slightly more emphasis on speed development in this program compared to the others. The most obvious difference in this program to the 101 and Off Season Programs is the OPTIONAL addition of SuperSpeed Golf’s Speed Stick training system. In this program I modify the Speed Stick protocols. I prove modified versions of the Speed Stick protocols that can be integrated into your routine. 

All fitness levels can benefit from benefit from this program. As with the Off Season Program there are many examples provided in the instrcutonial videos which allow you modify the workout to suit your fitness level and the equipment you have available. 

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