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Fit For Golf – Super Speed

Physical Development For All Levels Of Golfer

Fit For Golf Super Speed Program

5+ mph CLub Head Speed

Every mph in club head speed is worth approximately 2.5 yards. Users of this program regularly gain 5-10 mph in 12 weeks. That's 12.5 - 25 yards!

Not Just Speed

Don't be fooled by the name of the program. The program covers mobility, stability, strength, power, and will help you decrease fat and get in better general shape.

Comprehensive Physical Development

This program applies proven strength & conditioning principles & applies them to the sport of golf. Includes the optional addition of Super Speed Golf Speed Stick Protocols.

Easy To Modify To Fit You

Follow from home or the gym. Suitable for all fitness and age levels. Alternative exercises provided in the videos to suit everyone.

Program Details

  • 12 week program, split into 3 x 4 weeks “blocks”. There are 3 primary full body training per sessions per week. Each session will take approx 40 minutes. 
  • The workouts can be done from home or at the gym. Please scroll to the FAQ section at the bottom of this e-mail to see the recommended equipment list for home workouts. 
  • There will be an additional 10 minute total body mobility routine that you can perform as often as desired. It will not require any specialised equipment. It can even be done watching TV!
  • This program is suitable for all fitness levels and all levels of golfer. In many of the exercise demonstration videos there are a number of different exercise alternatives shown to choose from, depending on your current level, and equipment availability. 
  • The program will be delivered via the Fit For Golf App. You can also download an Excel version from the app. For new app users: The app is not available in the App store, and you do not need to download it before purchase. After buying the program go straight to your e-mail and follow the instructions to set up your account and download the app. 

Program Objectives

The primary objective of this program is to increase your club head speed.

Fit For Golf – Super Speed combines Fit For Golf’s expertise in strength and conditioning with SuperSpeed Golf’s golf specific speed training system & training tools. NB – YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE SPEED STICKS TO DO THIS PROGRAM – explained further in FAQ below. 

The secondary objective of this program which is automatically interlinked with the primary objective is to improve your overall fitness and health both in general and golf specific terms. 

The program will work on full body:

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Power 
  • Speed
  • Injury prevention & rehab
  • Cardiovascular fitness 
  • Muscle mass maintenance / gain and fat loss (when combined with an appropriate diet)

My followers are interested in golf, fitness, and living a long and healthy life. The beauty of this program, and all the other programs I write is that they help you with all of these goals. Please do not take the attitude “I’m not in good enough shape” for this program. There are options throughout the program for all fitness levels, and I am happy to provide advice along the way. 

Fit For Golf APP User Testimonials

"These workouts have resulted in me not having to see a Chiro for the last 3 months, for my long standing lower back issue, which is a great achievement as it has been bothering me for 10 years. My clubhead speed has increased from 104-109mph.
Khawar Khan
46, 10 hcp
"Mike.... I feel I have made very good progress as I have lost 40 lbs. and gained strength and flexibility. As a 74 year old with an artificial left hip, left rotator cuff surgery, etc. I am pleased. I know I can improve even more by simply increasing my workouts weights as I have taken it a little easy so far to avoid injury. My burning question: What's next in FFG programs? I don't want to stop working while there are gains to be made. I am not in maintenance mode yet. BTW: I won the long drive contest at a recent Senior event with a drive of 247 (had to be in the fairway)!!"
Paul Brumley
74, 11 hcp
"Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know I loved your program. I have seen a noticeable difference in my strength, speed, and flexibility. My average driver club head speed has increased from 103mph to 108mph. I know this will be a big help for my game as I try to keep up with the college kids in my tournaments.
Travis Engle
43, +2 handicap
"Hello Mike, My 15 year old son recently finished your 3 program and I wanted to give you an update on his progress. The overall results were fantastic. He's clearly much stronger now than when he started. His swing speed increased from 93.9 mph before starting the workouts to 103.4 mph after 3 months. A 9.5 mph increase! This is an average of 10 swings trying to hit the ball well, so again it's a real functional increase, not just wildly swinging fast. It certainly shows up on the course as well. Not only has his speed improved, but his swing has improved as well. You can clearly see he is more stable and balanced when swinging and looks a lot more powerful as well.
Jason Kittelberger
Father of 15 year old golfer

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Over 50% of the 1000+ Fit For Golf app users do their workouts from home. It can also be done while traveling / staying in hotels with a combination of the equipment in the following list that travels well, and hotel gyms. Here is the equipment list I recommend if doing the workouts from home: 

  • Medicine Ball: I recommend a 6-10lb ball weight. This is dependent on your strength level. LINK. All medicine ball exercises can be simulated with resistance bands / tubing if throwing a medicine ball is not an option for you. 
  • Dumbbells: The weight required will vary for different exercises but pairs of 20lb and 35lb would work well for most people. The more options in this regard the better. 
  • Resistance Bands /Tubing: I like these ones from GolfGym. LINK. They can be used to replicate any of the exercises done on a cable machine in the gym, and can be used to simulate medicine ball exercises. They are also perfect for people who travel a lot. I also recommend this band from SKLZ, which will be used for warm-up exercises. 
  • TRX Suspension Straps Equivalent OR Pull-up Bar:  TRX Style Suspension Straps / Pull-up Bar
  • Dowel Rod / PVC Pipe / Broom Handle  (4-6 feet in length). A golf club can be used instead.

It’s easily scaled to all levels. In many of the videos I provide different exercise options based on fitness level, and equipment availability. 

12 Weeks. 3 x 40 minute workouts per week, plus a 10 minute mobility routine you can do as often as desired. 

Yes. I recommend being careful of your recovery however. To get the full benefits from this training program you should be fresh when doing the workouts. I suggest avoiding heavy lifting and excessive cardio. If you are not recovering in between workouts you will not be able to give 100% effort to this program. 

No. Program access on the app will expire 16 weeks after your program start date. If you want to change your access start date contact me directly through the app or e-mail

You will receive an Excel copy of the program with video links as a permanent copy. Upon completion of the 16 weeks there will also be an option to maintain app access to the program for $9 per month. 

Get clearance by a physio, but as long as you start conservatively – probably yes. It will likely serve as good rehab – but double check with someone if you think you should.

At Least 5mph. Some people have gained 10+mph in 12 weeks. 

Yes, but you will need to ensure you are in calorie deficit. 

For less advanced trainees, yes. For intermediate / advanced trainees I would suggest adding some lifting volume. For all trainees, calorie and protein intake will need to be in the right range to maximise muscle mass gain. 

No. Many golfers over 70 have benefited from this program. 

Yes. You can simply do the speed stick drills with a golf club. The swing drills are only a very small section of the program. If you left them out entirely, you will still see substantial improvements. 

No. Go to I also highly recommend getting the “Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar” on this page so you can track your improvements. Results are always better when you feedback. Use discount code: fitforgolf to avail of 10% off.

Yes. For people who work out at home the drills can be integrated into the workout. For those who workout in a gym this will not be possible so they can be done at different times.

The Super Speed Program has slightly less exercises in each workout compared to the Off-Season Program. This does not mean it is “easier” however. The exercises that are in the program can be made quite demanding, depending on how much you put into them. 

Most of the mobility work has been extracted from the 3 primary workouts and has instead been put into a short separate additional workout labelled “Golf Specific Movement & Mobility”. 

The workouts are geared a little bit more towards explosive power and speed. This will be especially evident in “Workout C” throughout all blocks of the training program as it is set up with a different template to Workouts A & B. 

The optional addition of Speed Stick work also add’s an emphasis of very specific speed training. The program will still absolutely be effective for increasing your club head speed if you opt not to do this optional section however. 

Interested In Even More Improvement and saving $127? Check Out The Fit For Golf Transform PackagE

This package is a “bundle” containing all 3 of the Fit For Golf Programs available on the Fit For Golf App, and the popular Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual. 

Each program is 12 weeks in duration, and consists of 3 different workouts per week. Each workout requires 30-60 minutes, and can be easily modified to suit your needs. Your workouts, and the order in which to follow them is neatly laid out in the Fit For Golf App.

That’s 36 weeks / 9 months of structured training. 108 expertly designed workouts. You will become and stay, a different golfer and person.

 Each workout and program can be completed at the gym or at home. 



Program #1

  • Low Fitness Level
  • Inexperienced
  • Ideal Kickstart
  • Gradual Progression
  • $79 RRP
Off Season

Program #2

  • Builds From 101
  • More Strength Training
  • Ideal For Off-Season
  • Easy to Scale
  • $99 RRP

Super Speed

Program #3

  • Maximise Speed
  • New Exercises
  • Extra Mobility
  • Perfect Pre-Season
  • $99 RRP

The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual $29 RRP - Also Included!!

Individual Product Value

$ 306
  • - 101 $79
  • - Off-Season $99
  • - Super Speed $99
  • - Warm-Up Manual $29

The Fit For Golf Transformation Package

$ 179
  • - 101
  • - Off-Season
  • - Super Speed
  • - Warm-Up Manual
  • ***Save $127***
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