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The Fit For Golf App is your guide to better golf, fitness, & health

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The Fit For Golf App enables you to access golf specific fitness programs which will transform your game, fitness, and health delivered directly to your phone, tablet, and computer. To sign up to the app and download it you must select one of the purchase options below. After sign up you will be emailed a link to download the app. You cannot download the app or find it in the app store without signing up first.

Thousands of amateur golfers from around the world as well as PGA & European Tour winners trust Fit For Golf to take care of their golf specific physical training needs.

Regardless of your standard of golf, fitness level, age, or injury history, there is a program appropriate for you. Thousands of golfers have added 5-10 mph of club head speed providing 10-25 yards extra carry, reduced handicap significantly, improved mobility, and drastically reduced aches and pains. Vast improvements in body fat %, muscle mass, and general fitness and health are also commonly reported. Fitness, health, and golf performance go hand in hand.

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What members are saying

I started Fit For Golf about 4 months ago. I am a club longer with my irons and about 10-15 yards further with my driver. My ball now flies higher making it easier to hit greens.

John Mitchell, 53, 2 hcp

I thought I had maxed out on distance, but after 4 months I’ve increased my average driver club head speed from 102 to 106mph. This has added 10 yards to my average driver distance. I have also added about 5 yards to each of my irons.

Bill W, Ago 54, 4 hcp

In 4 months I have lost 3 kgs / 7lbs and increased my club head speed by 6 mph. I use Arccos to track my on course stats and my average driver distance has increased by 15 yards.

John Mitchell, 53, 2 hcp

The Fit For Golf App is the best investment I have ever made for improving my golf game.

Michael Moynihan, 38

The app is well structured, with a lot of content to keep things interesting and it’s easy to measure your progress.

Angus, 54, 14 hcp

My index has dropped from 6.7 to 3.5. I’ve been playing golf for 50 years and this is the lowest my handicap has ever been. After not breaking par for about ten years, I have broken par three times in the last month

Steven Gullion, 65, 3.5 hcp

In 5 months of training my average driver club head speed has gone from 95mph to 114mph.

Randy S, 32, Beginner

My long term lower back pain & hip tightness have completely cleared up. I 100% recommend everyone to try the Fit For Golf App. The tutorial videos are great, and Mike does a really nice job of explaining everything.

Darren S, 44, 0 hcp

My driver club head speed has increased from 103mph to 112mph, 20-25 years more distance. My golf specific mobility and strength have greatly improved.

Guillermo Arredondo, 48, 11 hcp

I have increased my average driver club head speed from 102-104mph to 112-114mph. I’m down 28lbs so far, and my long standing lower back issues have completely cleared up.

Caleb Guiles, 33, 3 hcp

In 6 months using the Fit For Golf App I have lost 20 lbs and gained 7 mph of ball speed. My average driving distance is up 10-15 yards.

Doug, 30, 4 hcp

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