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Physical Development For All Levels Of Golfer

Check out what current clients have to say about working with Fit For Golf.

Kevin Power, 3 Hcp.


“I have been working with Mike for the past few years. In that time with him he has helped me go form an average player to a professional golfer.

He did this by enabling me to become more stable and improving my range of motion and that helped me become a better ball striker. While doing that he got me to become more powerful and my club head speed has gone through the roof.
It’s gone from having a 96mph driver swing to a 104mph driver swing now and that is still climbing.

Davey Barry

Mike has kept me motivated over a long period of time by keeping the programs and sessions fun, while still specfic to what I need.
He has used his superb knowledge in strength and conditioning and mixed that with a great understanding of the golf swing to provide really beneficial workouts for my golf game.”

Davey Barry, PGA Professional

“Having spent 18 years on the Irish Ladies golf team I retired from competitive golf nearly 20 years ago.  In an effort to improve my golf game I joined Mike’s programme in March this year.  I am now hitting the ball further, have reduced my handicap to 3, feel fitter and stronger but most of all I’m enjoying my golf again.

Eavan Golf

Trust me, this program works and I have just signed up for the next program.  Highly recommended for all.”

Eavan Higgins
Irish Selector / Great Britain & Ireland Selector
3 hcp

“I am a very erratic 15 handicapper. I am delighted to have participated in the golf training programme. I intend continuing with it. Most obviously it has given me much improved stability in my swing and stance and a more repeatable swing.

This has led to greater consistency and as a result greater confidence over the ball. I am hoping this is going to translate into lower scores over the summer. Mike really knows his stuff and apart from the improvement in my golf the program has also improved my overall core strength which I am delighted with”.

John Gallagher, 15 hcp

Mike has an incredible depth of knowledge for both strength and conditioning and golf. Being able to combine the two makes him a superb asset for any player looking to improve. I suffered with injuries constantly before starting to train with Mike. Awareness of muscle movement has contributed to the lack of injuries in the last two years, for me.

This has been done through a carefully planned weekly and monthly training plan for the bones of 24 months! No injuries, more club head speed, more swing consistency and enjoying training for specific goals. I couldn’t recommend his systematic approach to making you a better golfer any higher.

Daniel Hallissey, Scratch hcp

I first went to Mike about 2 years ago now with the intention of improving my overall performance in golf and the other sports. It was clear that he has a strong passion for golf and all sports. While working with him, he has designed me effective programs to suit my needs and demonstrated clearly how to perform each exercise correctly. After a few months of training, I have noticed that my posture, flexibility and overall strength has improved significantly. His sessions are always fun and varied and he has always been brilliant in responding when I had any questions. Plus I have gained a few extra yards off the tee on my playing partners!!! Great coach!!!

Ciarán Fleming, 8 hcp

“I am feeling very strong and athletic in my golf swing. I believe your program was a great progression to my TPI program. My 3 main problem areas in my TPI screen were very limited right internal hip rotation, limited left internal shoulder rotation and tightness in my left calf, ankle and soleus. My hip hinge has improved immensely and am able to do an overhead squat almost flawlessly.”

Joe DeCroo, PGA Professional

“The program is great. I spent the first few weeks really focusing on my form / posture for each exercise. Within a week I had made an adjustment to my golf posture by reducing the amount of anterior tilt this engaged my core muscles producing a more stable and powerful downswing. The plan is really educational and has opened my eyes to sport specific training and I am really feeling the benefits from the power exercises in my golf swing. Keep up the good work”




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