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The Fit For Golf App enables you to access golf specific fitness programs which will transform your game, fitness, and health delivered directly to your phone, tablet, and computer. To sign up to the app and download it you must select one of the purchase options below. After sign up you will be emailed a link to download the app. You cannot download the app or find it in the app store without signing up first.

Thousands of amateur golfers from around the world as well as PGA & European Tour winners trust Fit For Golf to take care of their golf specific physical training needs.

Regardless of your standard of golf, fitness level, age, or injury history, there is a program appropriate for you. Thousands of golfers have added 5-10 mph of club head speed providing 10-25 yards extra carry, reduced handicap significantly, improved mobility, and drastically reduced aches and pains. Vast improvements in body fat %, muscle mass, and general fitness and health are also commonly reported. Fitness, health, and golf performance go hand in hand.

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What members are saying

I have completed the 101 & Off Season Programs, and I am now starting the GolfStrong Program. I am doing the workouts from home, and the Fit For Golf App has made it easy.

Combining your workouts and The Stack System for speed training, I have increased my average driver swing speed from 94mph to 103mph! I have also lost 10lbs.

I turned 60 last year, and figured IF NOT NOW… WHEN? So I am using Fit for Golf to take my game and health to the highest level I can achieve. Thanks for a great product and all your help!

Brian Morin, 59, 5 hcp

I have always done strength training but never with a program designed for golfers. I started Fit For Golf about 4 months ago. I am a club longer with my irons and about 10-15 yards further with my driver. My ball now flies higher making it easier to hit greens.

It feels like I’m using less effort as I have gotten more flexible allowing an easier turn in the swing.

Gaining speed and flexibility at 53 is a wonderful thing! Can’t recommend Fit For Golf enough! PS – It seems to have fixed a lower back that would flare up a few times a year as well.

John Mitchell, 53, 2 hcp

I am 77 years of age and have been using the Fit For Golf App for 3 years. I have lost close to 70lbs, my strength levels have increased, and my handicap has reduced from 16 to 8.

The number of programs in the app have steadily increased over the past 3 years, it’s very cost-effective and Mike is constantly tweaking his app and his approach to fitness based on scientific facts, not myths.

The bottom line is at age 77 I feel great, I am longer with every club and my golf is still getting better. If you are really willing to put in the work, even for just 15 minutes per day, you will not regret it.

Paul Brumley, 77, 8 hcp

My name is Nancy and I am a 64 year old golfer with a handicap of 7.

I have been using Fit For Golf for many years and have done all the programs. I love the variety and the tracking ability so I can refer to what I have done in the past with the specific exercise. Really fun to see what weights I was using when I revisit a program and see how far I have come.

Mike is so encouraging and always responds to my questions with a thoughtful and prompt answer. He has encouraged me to lift more weight and become stronger. I have not lost any distance with aging and in fact hit my drives farther. I look forward to retiring and being able to focus even more time on fitness and golf!

Thanks Mike!

Nancy, 64, 7 hcp

I completed the Fit For Golf 101 program then moved to the In Season Program as golf started back up here in France.

In 4 months I have lost 3 kgs / 7lbs and increased my club head speed by 6 mph.
I use Arccos to track my on course stats and my average driver distance has increased by 15 yards.

I have played just two tournaments and my handicap has already reduced.

The combination of mobility and strength exercises are really beneficial. My golf swing has improved and I am no longer tired or sore after a round.

Kim, 59 , 15 hcp

Over the course of 6 months I have completed the Golfstrong programs alongside the mobility routine. I have seen an increase in testing averages for club head speed, ball speed and carry distance. CHS has improved from 104mph-109mph.

I have been able to achieve a long held goal of reaching scratch with my handicap moving from 1 to +1. I feel more efficient with my swing, I am able to recover quicker from sessions/playing and have been able to train more regularly at higher intensities.

The App and service Mike provides has been first class. It’s easy to follow, gives lots of variety and helps you be accountable to track your progress. Overall Fit for Golf has helped take my game and enjoyment on the golf course to the next level!

Evan B, Age 34, HCP +1

I have completed Phase 1 & 2 of the Off Season Program. When I started with Fit For Golf I had a ton of shoulder pain from old sports injuries and years of being out of shape. Almost all of those aches and pains have gone away.

The app is absolutely awesome. It’s a super easy way for anyone to get organized and consistent on their workouts. The combination of the app and Mike’s dedication to responding to any question or inquiry makes Fit for Golf the best workout tool out there.

Any golfer, former athlete, or person who wants to get healthier in life and in golf should buy it today. Golf junkies love new gear, clubs, etc. Do yourself a favour and invest in Fit For Golf. It will make a bigger change than any of that stuff.

Adam R, Age 42, 10 hcp

The Fit For Golf App has been awesome for me. I’m 54 and carry a 4 handicap. I started with the 101 Program.

I thought I had maxed out on distance, but after 4 months I’ve increased my average driver club head speed from 102 to 106mph. This has added 10 yards to my average driver distance. I have also added about 5 yards to each of my irons.

Better yet, some nagging injuries I’ve had for years have gotten much better. Fit For Golf’s workouts are making a big difference in my other sports hobbies as well, as I feel great on the basketball court and on my road bike.

Bill W, Ago 54, 4 hcp

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