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About Fit For Golf

Welcome to Fit For Golf, your resource for everything golf fitness. Our goal is to provide education and training support using a blend of science, and practical experience. We aim to accomplish this through the Fit For Golf App & other products, our blog, and social media posts.

Our programs are designed around improving the “5 Pillars Of Golf Fitness”. These are motor control, mobility, stability, strength,and power. Every program receives access to the Fit For Golf app, making them easy to follow in the gym, at home or on the road.

To learn more, check out our various offerings below, read the blog and client testimonials, or get in contact to find out what you can expect from a Fit For Golf Training Program!


 The Fit For Golf App Online Program Options

The Fit For Golf App offers three online Training Programs. All Three are 12 weeks in duration. Fit For Golf 101 is a great option for those of you who are easing back into training, or are not used to working out. This is why the difficulty level is labelled “Beginner/Intermediate”.

The Fit For Golf Off Season Program is a little bit more difficult and is designed for people who are slightly more accustomed to training. You don’t have to be in good shape to use the Off Season Program, but if you have been out of training for a while or are deconditioned, it may be best to do this program in your Off Season so it doesn’t interrupt your golf at all. If you are in good shape and used to working out the Off Season Program is a good fit for any time of year. It’s certainly a more demanding workout hence “Intermediate / Advanced” label.

Fit For Golf – Super Speed is designed to be modifibale for all fitness levels, and is designed to concentrate slightly more on speed & power compared to the other two programs.

Each program is accompanied by easy-to-follow tutorial videos, delivered straight to your phone via the Fit For Golf App. 

Fit For Golf 101 (Level:Beginner)
Fit For Golf – Super Speed
(Level:easily modified to all fitness levels)
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Fit For Golf Off Season Program
(Level: Intermediate / Advanced)
(Level: Intermediate/ Advanced) MORE INFO

1-on-1 TPI Screen

Get a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screen from a Level 3 TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional via Skype from the comfort of your own home.


The TPI screen is composed of 16 assessments that can diagnose movement limitations that may be affecting your swing.

TPI refers to this relationship as the “Body-Swing Connection”.

Once the screen is complete you will be immediately sent a full results report, along with your very own “Body-Swing Connection”. Additionally you will be given a 4 week program delivered through the Fit For Golf app to get you started addressing your limitations.

BUY NOW $149

Client Testimonials

Check out what recent Fit For Golf clients have been saying:

I have been working with Mike for the past few years. In that time with him he has helped me go from an average player to a professional golfer.

He has enabled me to become more stable and improve my range of motion and that has helped me become a better ball striker, more powerful and my club head speed has gone through the roof!
Davey Barry

PGA Professional

Having spent 18 years on the Irish Ladies golf team I retired from competitive golf nearly 20 years ago.  In an effort to improve my golf game I joined Mike’s programme in March this year.  I am now hitting the ball further, have reduced my handicap to 3, feel fitter and stronger but most of all I’m enjoying my golf again.

Eavan Higgins

Irish Selector / GB & I Selector

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Mike has an incredible depth of knowledge for both strength and conditioning and golf. Being able to combine the two makes him a superb asset for any player looking to improve. I suffered with injuries constantly before starting to train with Mike. Awareness of muscle movement has contributed to the lack of injuries in the last two years, for me.

Daniel Hallisey

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