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Golf Physical Training

For All Levels Of Golfer

Welcome to Fit For Golf. Your resource for all things golf fitness. 

My goal is to provide education and training support using a blend of science, and practical experience. 

There is a lot of “noise” in the golf fitness world. My aim is to filter through this and provide you with information that will help your golf, fitness, and health as efficiently as possible.  

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training mobility for golf

The Fit For Golf App

The Fit For Golf App enables you to access golf specific fitness programs which will transform your game, fitness, and health delivered directly to your phone, tablet, and computer. To sign up to the app and download it you must select one of the purchase options below. After sign up you will be emailed a link to download the app. You cannot download the app or find it in the app store without signing up first.

Thousands of amateur golfers from around the world as well as PGA & European Tour winners trust Fit For Golf to take care of their golf specific physical training needs. 

Regardless of your standard of golf, fitness level, age, or injury history, there is a program appropriate for you. Thousands of golfers have added 5-10 mph of club head speed providing 10-25 yards extra carry, reduced handicap significantly, improved mobility, and drastically reduced aches and pains. Vast improvements in body fat %, muscle mass, and general fitness and health are also commonly reported. Fitness, health, and golf performance go hand in hand. 

Note: If you are following the workouts from home there is an equipment list at the bottom of this page. The equipment is the same for all programs. 

The Programs!

Below is a list of the main programs that are currently available on the Fit For Golf App. The app also includes a pre golf warm-up section, a section dedicated to short home and hotel room workouts with very basic equipment / no equipment, a recipe book, and tracking sheets you can use on the range for your swing speed training. You will get access to all of these programs and material when you sign up. It is all part of the same product, and none of it is available individually. Make sure that after you sign up you follow the prompts in the app which explain the exact layout and structure of each of the programs. This will ensure you will get the most out of the app!

There is no right or wrong program to start with, or correct order. The main piece of advice I give is that if you are beginner to training, or want to start off easy, start with the 101 program. 

All of the primary programs work on a combination of mobility, strength, power, and speed. This is exactly what is needed to make your body more functional for golf. All of these programs are intended as 3 day per week programs, and each workout requires 30-60 mins. The specific layout is covered in detail in the app. 

There are also two workouts on the app devoted completely to mobility. You can find these labelled in the app as “GolfFlex” and
 “Super Speed – Golf Specific Movement & Mobility”

There is an FAQ and recommended equipment list at the end of this page if there is anything you are unsure about.  

golf fitness program for beginners

Level: Beginner

This is the best choice for people who are looking to kick start their golf fitness journey. It is designed specifically for people starting with a lower fitness level, or with limited workout experience. If you are apprehensive about getting started with training, this program will guide you from scratch. This is very common amongst seniors, or those who have not worked out in a long time. 
golf strength training program
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Labelled “Off Season” as this program consists of a reasonably high volume of training. Hundreds of app users have used it successfully year round however, so don’t be put off by the name. 

Suitable for all fitness levels but designed with people who have some training experience and are in reasonable condition in mind. Lower levels of fitness can absolutely do this program, just start conservatively. There are many exercise alternatives provided for varying fitness levels and equipment availability. 

The most notable difference between this program and the others is that it follows a “Triphasic” system of programming. This involves a manipulation of the tempo of certain phases of exercises including slow lowerings, pauses, and explosive movement. It’s an extremely effective method of programming for honing exercise technique, mobility, and  strength. (Credit to Cal Dietz for popularising Triphasic Training)

A common approach for beginner trainees is to do 101 first, then progress to the Off Season Program.

golf club head speed program
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

This program can be performed year round. It is a perfect program to insert into your pre season after performing the Off Season Program. 

As the name suggests there is slightly more emphasis on speed development in this program compared to the others. The most obvious difference in this program to the 101 and Off Season Programs is the OPTIONAL addition of SuperSpeed Golf’s Speed Stick training system. In this program I modify the Speed Stick protocols compared to what SuperSpeed Golf suggest so that everything is blended together with the volume and drills I think are most appropriate. 

YOU DO NOT NEED SPEED STICKS FOR THIS ROUTINE. They are just a very small optional element. You can simply substitute the speed stick drills with a regular golf club. I suggest an old or spare driver ideally.  

All fitness levels can benefit from benefit from this program. As with the Off Season Program there are many examples provided in the instructional videos which allow you modify the workout to suit your fitness level and the equipment you have available. 

golf strength training program for club head speed
Level: Intermediate & Advanced

This program has more of “golf specific” feel. My aim with this program was to maximise as much transfer as possible from the training program to the golf swing. There is less heavy lifting than the Off Season Program, and there are a lot of new exercises which are not included in any of the other programs.  This is a great program to do at any time of year, and ties in well with a competitive period. Many users have reported that this program has significantly improved their golf swing mechanics, as well as their swing speed. This was the first program I created after some deeper study of the golf swing from biomechanics experts Sasho Mackenzie and Steve Furlonger. 

Level: Intermediate & Advanced
golf power training program

This program is perfect for competitive golfers during a busy season. The volume in this program is quite low to minimise fatigue, while still being enough to make progress. This program utilises a “contrast training” system, which pairs up strength and speed exercises of the same movement in a “superset”, which is very potent for power improvements. Maximum progress, while minimising fatigue or soreness.

golf mobility program to increase club head speed

This is a 5 exercise golf mobility routine designed with laser focus on the needs of the golfer. If you improve at these 5 moves, there will be immediate noticeable improvement in the mobility of your golf swing. I guarantee you have not done these 5 moves before, and you will be amazed at the feeling and results you get.

Get ALL of the Fit For Golf programs you see above, plus even more bonus material. 

The best part? I regularly update the app with new content, which you get for no extra cost. As soon as I create something new, I upload it to your account and you get notified. 

The Fit For Golf App is the ONLY resource you will ever need. 

If you are on the fence, why not just sign up for one month as a trial? If you don’t think the app is for you, just cancel after 1 month and all you have invested is $12! I can assure you the value of the app is worth more than the price of 4 coffees per month, or your Netflix subscription!!!!


Frequently asked questions

Over 50% of the 3000+ Fit For Golf app users do their workouts from home. It can also be used while traveling / staying in hotels with a combination of the equipment in the following list which travel well, and hotel gyms. Here is the equipment list I recommend if doing the workouts from home: 

  • Medicine Ball: I recommend a 6-10lb ball weight. This is dependent on your strength level.  All medicine ball exercises can be simulated with resistance bands / tubing if throwing a medicine ball is not an option for you. You want a wall ball or slam ball style ball. Here is the one I recommend. There are cheaper ones available, but they are not as durable. MED BALL LINK


  • Dumbbells: The weight required will vary for different exercises but pairs of 20lb and 35lb would work well for most people. The more options in this regard the better. Most of the dumbbell exercises can be replicated with resistance bands however. 

  • Resistance Bands /Tubing:  like these ones from Weinas .They can be used to replicate any of the exercises done on a cable machine in the gym, and can be used to simulate medicine ball exercises. They are also perfect for people who travel a lot. I also recommend this band from SKLZ, which will be used for warm-up exercises and is slightly different to the tubing style bands above. 

  • Pull-up Bar: These are great for some of the upper body strength and stretching exercises in the routines, and you can also use them as an attachment point for bands.  Pull-up Bar Link
  • Dowel Rod / PVC Pipe / Broom Handle  (4-6 feet in length). A golf club can be used instead.

  • Floor sliders: These are used in the GolfFlex routine. LINK

It’s easily scaled to all levels. In many of the videos using equipment I provide different exercise options based on fitness level, and equipment availability.  

People of all fitness levels, ages, and standards of golf have benefitted from The Fit For Golf App. 

Yes. You can log into with the log in details you set up and print from there. 

Yes, just start conservatively. If you are unsure see a physiotherapist

At Least 5mph. Some people have gained 10+mph in 12 weeks. Many people who have trained using the app for 1 year have gained 10mph. 

Yes, but you will need to ensure you are in calorie deficit. 

For less advanced trainees, yes. For intermediate / advanced trainees I would suggest adding some lifting volume. For all trainees, calorie and protein intake will need to be in the right range to maximise muscle mass gain. 

No. Many golfers over 70 have benefited from this program. 

Yes. You can simply do the speed stick drills with a golf club. The swing drills are only a very small section of the program. If you left them out entirely, you will still see substantial improvements. 

Yes. Go to to access your account on a desktop. 

Yes. Once you have subscribed to the app you can have it on as many devices as you like. Simply go to the app store and search “Trainerize”. Download Trainerize, and then enter your Fit For Golf Log In details.

-Log into the webpage

-Click on the drop down next to your name in the top right hand corner.

-Click My Account

-Click My Purchases

-Click Three vertical dots on the right side of the page

-Click Cancel Auto Renew

There are no free trials. 

If you are unhappy with the quality of the product send an e-mail within 7 days of purchase and I will offer a refund. 

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