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What members are saying

In the 4 months I have been using the Fit For Golf Programs my driver club head speed has increased by 8mph, from 83mph to 91mph.

The speed increase combined with technique improvements to enable a stronger ball flight has resulted in my average driving distance measured by my ShotScope GPS watch increasing from 221 to 241 yards.

My handicap has reduced from 21 to 14.

I had an injury to my sciatic nerve last year which left me using a walker. Working on flexibility and strength has been a life changer for me.

James L Castellano, 61, 13.9 index

I have completed the Off Season, Winter Strength, and In Season programs.
My cruising driver club head speed has gone from 103mph to 113mph.
My handicap is nearly 1 stroke lower.

I had been dealing with back pain on and off for 20 years and visited 3 different physical therapists. From using the programs in the app my back now feels great and I can swing as hard as I like. I recently hit 120mph club head speed & 178mph ball speed on the range.

I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Prior to FFG, I worked out consistently, but I had no proper guidance on my exercise program. Now I am the strongest I have ever been and rarely feel sore or have any minor aches. The gym regimen translates very effectively to golf.

On top of the well-designed workouts, Mike provides excellent advice on his blog and social media for everything else that is relevant for a FFG user to achieve strong results in fitness and golf. His information on nutrition and swing speed training have been particularly useful. I would recommend FFG to any golfer that wants to improve their fitness. I would even recommend it to non-golfers as a great way to get high-quality fitness programming.

Chris Peyman, 39, 1 hcp

Put in the work and get the results. I have been using the
Fit For Golf app for just over a year and the results are second to none.

There are easy to follow programs that vary based on time of season, fitness level, and goals. Don’t have gym access?The app has you covered with easy to follow resistance band workouts.

After a year of following the program religiously, and at age 63, my cruising and top speeds have increased more than 10mph, getting back to 110 mph.

My index moved from 5.2 to 2.8. I also use Decade and The Stack System, which have contributed to the gains. The way you organize the programs, which combine strength and mobility has greatly contributed to this success while holding off the aging process.

Thank you for putting together a great app/program, sharing your knowledge on twitter and through your podcasts.

I look forward to starting my second year on the app in just a few days.

Scott Schaefer, 63, 3 hcp

For the last 18 months I have been combining the GolfStrong Program on the Fit For Golf App and The Stack System.

Here are my results so far: 

  • Average driver club head speed increased from 93mph to 101mph.
  • Average driver distance has increased by 20-25 yards.
  • An annoying tennis elbow injury I was struggling with has significantly reduced. 
  • Massive improvement in general strength & stamina. I recently played 300 holes in Pinehurst in one week without any issue. 

The app is very easy to use. Tracking workouts and setting them in advance with the calendar function is great help monitoring progress and staying consistent.

Mike is very relatable and always very responsive to questions and queries.

Zack Taylor, 62, 2.7 hcp

I took up golf after my knees and back started complaining about too much squash and football. 

I have never worked out in my life and assumed I never would. I started exercising at home with limited equipment 1 year ago.

I have found huge benefits not only in terms of strength but also overall well being. I’m hitting the ball further but more importantly my knees and back are much better than when I began. 

The app is well structured, with a lot of content to keep things interesting and it’s easy to measure your progress.

Angus, 54, 14 hcp

I am a former college golfer who lost a lot of distance and speed when work and family life became my priority. 

I started using the Fit For Golf App just under a year ago. 

I have used the Off Season, Winter Strength, and Super Speed Programs.

By combining the workouts on the app and Speed Sticks I have increased my average driver club head speed by approx 5 mph. I am now cruising at 105mph and have a new goal of 110mph.

I played the same tournament in May of 2021 and 2022 and I hit the ball 15 yards longer on average in 2022.

The app is very simple to use. Mike is great at programming and I am very thankful for his help and suggestions whenever I have a question.

Nick Cristea, 37, +2 hcp

I started using the Fit For Golf App six weeks ago.

My index has dropped from 6.7 to 3.5.

I’ve been playing golf for 50 years and this is the lowest my handicap has ever been. After not breaking par for about ten years, I have broken par three times in the last month

(71 three times), and also have rounds of even par, one over and two over in that span. 

There are other factors, of course, but I am confident that FFG has contributed.

Overall, I definitely feel stronger. Most importantly, I think the program has improved my stamina so that I’m less likely to fall apart late in a round. I’ve lost a lot of good rounds on the last four or five holes, but lately that hasn’t been happening. 

I am working out at home with the basic equipment Mike recommends. The app is well worth the small investment for anyone who wants to improve their mobility & strength for golf.

Steven Gullion, 65, 3.5 hcp

I have completed the 101 & Off Season Programs, and I am now starting the GolfStrong Program. I am doing the workouts from home, and the Fit For Golf App has made it easy.

Combining your workouts and The Stack System for speed training, I have increased my average driver swing speed from 94mph to 103mph! I have also lost 10lbs.

I turned 60 last year, and figured IF NOT NOW… WHEN? So I am using Fit for Golf to take my game and health to the highest level I can achieve. Thanks for a great product and all your help!

Brian Morin, 59, 5 hcp