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Welcome to Fit For Golf. Your resource for all things golf fitness.

My name is Mike Carroll. I am a strength and conditioning coach who specializes with golfers. My passion is helping people improve their golf, health, and fitness.

I studied Sport & Exercise Science in the University of Limerick from
2010-2014 (BSc Hons) and began working as a trainer in 2011. I also have gone through a number of other certifications related to physical training and golf. I love studying how human performance & health can be improved on and off the course.

I am from Cork, Ireland and while living there I worked as both a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach with a wide range of clients. Fat loss, muscle gain, recreational and high level athletes from a variety of sports, injury rehabilitation, special needs, juniors, seniors etc.

In 2014 I decided I would like to speicalise more with golfers and traveled to the UK to take the TPI Level 1 Certification. Shortly afterwards I started the working under the name
Fit For Golf, training people in person in Cork. In 2016 I saw a job listing posted on the TPI Twitter account. A training study called Hansen Fitness For Golf in Orange County, California was looking for a TPI certified trainer to come and work in their facility. I saw this as an opportunity to work solely with golfers, and the owner Mike Hansen was kind enough to hire me and go through the tedious visa process.

Shortly after I arrived in Orange County I learned about how some trainers were using apps to deliver online training programs and this is when I had the idea to start the Fit For Golf App. The first Fit For Golf online program became available in 2017.

The Fit For Golf social media profiles and app grew from there and I also had some PGA and European Tour players get in touch to help them with their training.
In 2021 I secured an EB1 Green Card and went full time with Fit For Golf.

I love golf and training, and try to practice what I preach. If I’m not tweeting or responding to FFG App subscriber messages you will likely find me at the range, on the course, in the gym, or doing some sprints at the local park.

Please get in touch through the contact page, I would love to hear from you.