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There is a more detailed App Guide & FAQ Sheet in the App which is available after sign up. The information below should take care of most questions. If not, please reach out using the contact form.


If working out from home…


Bands that can be anchored to a door / solid structure: LINK


Adjustable dumbbells: LINK

Helpful but not essential:

Dowel rod: LINK

Floor slider: LINK

Bench (if using dumbbells, not needed if using bands): LINK

If working out in the gym...

Decent gyms will have everything you need to carry out any of the programs. I primarily demonstrate the exercises with free weights and cable machines. If you prefer using machines it is easy to use a machine instead of a free weight for a particular movement.

Generally the only exceptions are that some gyms do not allow / do not have the necessary equipment for throwing and slamming medicine balls. In that case, the medicine ball throwing and slamming can be simulated, but simply don’t release the ball, or simulate the movement on a cable machine or with bands.

*Do not throw or slam medicine balls that have a firm rubberised / plastic outer shell. It is dangerous as they are so bouncy, and they will also break. It goes without saying to ensure, if throwing against a wall, that the wall is solid and able to withstand the force of the ball hitting it. Check before throwing. Medicine ball throwing and slamming is a very small part of some of the programs. Do not worry if you cannot do this. Simple alternatives are provided in the app.

In the GolfStrong Program, I use the 3D strap for some of the exercises: LINK

I have not found a cheaper alternative, or a seller outside of the US.

The strap is not hugely important. In the app, I suggest alternative exercises using regular cable attachments. It is possible to get $10 off the strap with the code WORLD10

Training Programs

If you are a beginner to working you should start with the 101 Program or if you don’t have any equipment you can use the Live Home Workouts.

After you have finished the 101 Program or if you have workout experience, you can start with a program that suits your current goals and the time of year it is.

The Off Season and Winter Strength Programs are fantastic during the winter time when playing golf may not be the priority.

During a very busy period of golf the In Season Power Program is a great choice due to its lower volume leading to less fatigue or soreness.

The GolfStrong and Super Speed Programs are somewhere in between. These are a good choice for transitioning from the winter into the pre season.

Each of the primary programs outlined above is designed to be 12 weeks in duration.
The programs are 30-60 minutes in duration depending on the exact workout.
They are full body programs designed to be done 3 days per week on non secutive days.

There are also two mobility routines which are 10-15 minutes in duration. These are labeled Mobility #1 & #2 in the app workout library.

This will be dependent on goals. Many users are really looking to increase their swing speed. If this is the case, specific swing speed training on the days between the workouts is a great idea.

This can be done with popular training tools such as the SuperSpeed Speed Sticks, The Stack, or similar alternatives. I have used Speed Sticks and The Stack and they are both fantastic. If you have them or are interested I highly recommend them. These products have their own protocols and I suggest following these as laid out on the days in between workouts 1-3 times per week.

Extra mobility, cardio, other sports you enjoy or of course actual golf practice or play are also great options.


Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and there is no minimum contract.

The instructions to cancel your subscription are in your app account directly above the list of workouts in the app. I have also copied them below:

– Log into the webpage
– Click on the drop down next to your name in the top right hand corner.
– Click My Account
– Click My Purchases
– Click Three vertical dots on the right side of the page
– Click Cancel Auto Renew

No, but you can get 50% off your first month of the monthly subscription by using the code FFGTRIAL at checkout. If you do not wish to continue with your subscription, simply cancel anytime within the next month so you do not get charged for the month 2.

Yes. This is common as the annual subscription is better value than the monthly option.
To do this use the product change request feature on the app, send a message through the app, or use the contact form on this webpage.


Yes, absolutely. There will be a huge amount of exercises you can do which will not aggravate your injury. Many app users have also used the programs to help clear up nagging injuries.

If you have an injury you are trying to work around I am happy to provide guidance. Just send a message through the in app messaging service.