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Physical Development For All Levels Of Golfer

A Tale Of Two 70 Year Old Golfers

Why Do You Lose Distance As You Age? It’s no secret most golfers significantly lose distance as they get older. Is the primary reason for this the year they were born, or are other (controllable) factors more significant? Of course age is important, and a decline in physical qualities and distance is inevitable. The purpose…
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How To Overcome Golf Injuries & Get Back To Playing Your Best

How To Overcome Golf Injuries And Get Back To Playing Your Best: I don’t know the exact percentage of golfers who play with one or more ongoing injuries, I just know it’s a lot. Knees, hips, backs, shoulders, necks, elbows, and wrists are all common areas of concern. The vast majority of these issues are…
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Complex Training For Power Development In Golfers

Complex Training For Power Development In Golfers The Relevance Of Training To Increase Power. Complex Training – A Simple Method To Increase Strength & Power In Golfers. Sample Workouts – Complex Training Exercise Combinations For Golfers. Important Considerations For Implementing Complex Training. Summary. 1. The Relevance Of Training To Increase Power: The physical demands for…
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There’s More To It Than Mobility

The picture in the heading sets the scene for this article. Last month I asked my followers to vote for which physical department they felt most deficient in. As you can see from the results, 59% voted for mobility, 22% voted for general conditioning, 16% voted for strength and power,  and 3% voted that they…
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Research Review #2: 20 Weeks of Periodised Training Improves Carry Distance By 18 Yards

Study Title: Effects Of Long Term Periodisation Training In Korean Elite Golfers Study Location: Korean Institute Of Sports Science, Seoul, Korea. Kim et al 2016. Study Aim: Investigate the effects of a 20 week periodised strength and flexibility training program in elite, male, Korean golfers. To assess the effect on golf driving performance the following…
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How a TPI Movement Screen Can Help Your Golf Swing

Clubs, balls, shoes, mental training, lessons. Golfers are always searching for the next thing that is going to transform their game. If a product has promise, golfers are like addicts, they must have it. Often times regardless of the price. Something that goes untapped, is the bottom of the pyramid, or the engine of the…
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The Fit For Golf 12 Month Project: Part 1

The off-season is here for many meaning it’s the perfect time of year to evaluate what you need to work on to improve your golf game. From what I can see, more people are realising the critical role physical attributes play in the ability to make high quality golf swings. As a result more golfers…
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A Simple Guide To Shedding Unwanted Fat:

While not necessarily directly related to performance, the vast majority of people I have worked with at some point ask questions about “losing weight, getting leaner, toning up, dropping fat etc”. This makes perfect sense for health, lifestyle, and fitness reasons. From talking with them it’s immediately obvious that most of them are trying to…
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Golf Fitness: A Guide to Needs Analysis and Program Design

Golf is changing. No doubt about it. Watch the coverage on television, look at the world rankings, listen to players interviews, or read what they say in the papers. Nothing gets more talk in golfing circles currently than distance. Top players are hitting the ball further, and courses are getting longer. First Tiger Woods, and…
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5 Exercises To Get You Started

The quality of the program prescribed is obsolete without adherence. Trying to get somebody to stick to a new habit, which is what training is, can be quite difficult. A common reason why people who start training don’t keep it up past the novelty stage is that it takes too long. This can lead to…
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Why Club Head Speed Drops With Age, And What You Can Do About It.

The Need For Speed: Why Club Head Speed Drops With Age, And What You Can Do About It.

5 Common Mistakes In Golf Strength & Conditioning

Before diving into what I view as 5 of the most common mistakes people make when physically training for golf, let’s have a quick recap of what exactly the job of a strength and conditioning (s&c) program for golf is. In my mind there are three things that it really boils down to. There are…
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The Best Exercise For Golfers?

I like to think I am fairly open minded and wiling to change when it comes to training and coaching. As my experience has grown I have changed my opinion on certain things but many of the principles I believed in when I started training/coaching have remained quite constant.  One of my unwavering beliefs is…
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Resistance Training – The Fountain of Youth 

Key Points: This article is little bit more “sciencey” and less golf specific than most of my others, but the message is extremely relevant for golfers Strength training is vitally important for quality of life during the aging process Lack of strength training will decrease your quality of life in old age and will increase…
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4 Forgotten Benefits of Golf Fitness Training

Physical training for golf is a hot topic. All the top players are doing it and highlighting it’s importance, whilst some people think its ruining careers. Much of the criticism around physical training for golf tends to either warn about the dangers of becoming too bulky, or that the player will injure themselves lifting “heavy…
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4 Exercises For The Desk Bound Golfer

In today’s world many of us spend huge amounts of time hunched over a desk, sitting in the car, and watching TV. A large percentage of you reading this probably spend 40-60 hours per week sitting. Couple this with limited physical activity and you are looking at a very sedentary, inactive week. Not ideal for…
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Foam Roller’s Vs Barbell’s For Golf

I love asking my followers on Twitter questions. It gives me great insight into the level of education and knowledge they have about particular topics. This allows me create informational content with an appropriate level of detail and complexity. I asked the exact same question in March 2017, and November 2019. Unfortunately in the 2017…
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3 Part Series: Power Essentials & How To Train Them

Hi everyone, I put together a very basic 3 part series about how the body works to create power in the golf swing. There is also an exercise included in each post for you to try out at home or in the gym and hopefully help you in your quest to get “Fit For Golf”.…
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Power Essentials Part 3: X-Factor Stretch

X-Factor Stretch is the third and final installment of the mini series covering power essentials in the golf swing. As I am a strength & conditioning coach and not a golf instructor, I focused on bigger, global body movements. Of course how you use the club, and how you strike the ball is of critical…
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Power Essentials Part 2: X-Factor In The Backswing? Not So Fast

To get the bad joke out of the way immediately….No I’m not going to write about the TV show. The first installment of this series on power generation can be found here: Power Essentials Part 1: Ground Force & Leg Strength. X-Factor (XF) is a much talked about measure in the golf world and even though […]