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Fit For Golf is passionate about improving your golf game, but also your general health and fitness. Invest in yourself.

Easy To Modify To Fit You

Follow from home or the gym. Suitable for all fitness and age levels. Alternative exercises provided in the videos to suit everyone.

Subscription Details

  • $12 per month or $120 per year (save $24). You can cancel at any time (send a message through the app or e-mail). 
  • You will have access to all Fit For Golf Workout Material. If & when a new programs is created it will be uploaded to your account at no extra cost. 
  • Currently you will have access to the 101, Off-Season, & Super Speed Programs. All the routines from the Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual are also available. 

  • New material including resistance band and slider workouts from home is currently being edited and will be available in the coming weeks.
  • This material is suitable for all fitness levels and all levels of golfer. In many of the exercise demonstration videos there are a number of different exercise alternatives shown to choose from, depending on your current level, and equipment availability. Watch videos in full or scroll to the end to see alternative exercises.
  • The app is not available in the App store, and you do not need to download it before subscribing. After buying the program go straight to your e-mail and follow the instructions to set up your account and download the app. 

What Can I Expect?

The workouts in the program will improve:

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Power 
  • Speed
  • Injury prevention & rehab
  • Cardiovascular fitness 
  • Muscle mass maintenance / gain and fat loss (when combined with an appropriate diet)

My followers are interested in golf, fitness, and living a long and healthy life. The beauty of the content I share is that it will help you with all of these goals. Please do not take the attitude “I’m not in good enough shape” for this program. There are options throughout the program for all fitness levels, and I am happy to provide advice along the way. 

Fit For Golf APP User Testimonials

"These workouts have resulted in me not having to see a Chiro for the last 3 months, for my long standing lower back issue, which is a great achievement as it has been bothering me for 10 years. My clubhead speed has increased from 104-109mph.
Khawar Khan
46, 10 hcp
"Mike.... I feel I have made very good progress as I have lost 40 lbs. and gained strength and flexibility. As a 74 year old with an artificial left hip, left rotator cuff surgery, etc. I am pleased. I know I can improve even more by simply increasing my workouts weights as I have taken it a little easy so far to avoid injury. My burning question: What's next in FFG programs? I don't want to stop working while there are gains to be made. I am not in maintenance mode yet. BTW: I won the long drive contest at a recent Senior event with a drive of 247 (had to be in the fairway)!!" Paul Brumley 74 ,11 Hcp
Paul Brumley
74, 11 hcp
"Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know I loved your program. I have seen a noticeable difference in my strength, speed, and flexibility. My average driver club head speed has increased from 103mph to 108mph. I know this will be a big help for my game as I try to keep up with the college kids in my tournaments.
Travis Engle
43, +2 handicap
"Hello Mike, My 15 year old son recently finished your 3 program and I wanted to give you an update on his progress. The overall results were fantastic. He's clearly much stronger now than when he started. His swing speed increased from 93.9 mph before starting the workouts to 103.4 mph after 3 months. A 9.5 mph increase! This is an average of 10 swings trying to hit the ball well, so again it's a real functional increase, not just wildly swinging fast. It certainly shows up on the course as well. Not only has his speed improved, but his swing has improved as well. You can clearly see he is more stable and balanced when swinging and looks a lot more powerful as well.
Jason Kittelberger
Father of 15 year old golfer

Frequently asked questions

Over 50% of the 1000+ Fit For Golf app users do their workouts from home. It can also be used while traveling / staying in hotels with a combination of the equipment in the following list that travels well, and hotel gyms. Here is the equipment list I recommend if doing the workouts from home: 

  • Medicine Ball: I recommend a 6-10lb ball weight. This is dependent on your strength level. LINK. All medicine ball exercises can be simulated with resistance bands / tubing if throwing a medicine ball is not an option for you. 
  • Dumbbells: The weight required will vary for different exercises but pairs of 20lb and 35lb would work well for most people. The more options in this regard the better. Most of the dumbbell exercises can be replicated with resistance bands however. 
  • Resistance Bands /Tubing:  like these ones from Weinas .They can be used to replicate any of the exercises done on a cable machine in the gym, and can be used to simulate medicine ball exercises. They are also perfect for people who travel a lot. I also recommend this band from SKLZ, which will be used for warm-up exercises and is slightly different to the tubing style bands above. 
  • TRX Suspension Straps Equivalent OR Pull-up Bar:  TRX Style Suspension Straps / Pull-up Bar
  • Dowel Rod / PVC Pipe / Broom Handle  (4-6 feet in length). A golf club can be used instead.

It’s easily scaled to all levels. In many of the videos I provide different exercise options based on fitness level, and equipment availability. 

People of all fitness levels, ages, and standards of golf have benefitted from The Fit For Golf App. 

Currently the App has the Fit For Golf 101, Off Season, and Super Speed Programs. This means there are dozens of structured workouts you can follow in a sequential fashion. The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Videos are also on the app. 

Short at home / traveling workouts will be added soon. These will be mini workouts that only take 10 minutes. 

  • With the subscription  you do not receive the Excel Sheet Youtube Links to download as a permanent copy. 
  • The calendar section in the app will not have 12 week workouts scheduled. You can easily add a workout to your calendar and track it. The sequence and layout for all programs is explained in a document within the app. 

Yes. You can log into with the log in details you set up and print from there. 

Yes, just start conservatively. If you are unsure see a physiotherapist

At Least 5mph. Some people have gained 10+mph in 12 weeks. 

Yes, but you will need to ensure you are in calorie deficit. 

For less advanced trainees, yes. For intermediate / advanced trainees I would suggest adding some lifting volume. For all trainees, calorie and protein intake will need to be in the right range to maximise muscle mass gain. 

No. Many golfers over 70 have benefited from this program. 

Yes. You can simply do the speed stick drills with a golf club. The swing drills are only a very small section of the program. If you left them out entirely, you will still see substantial improvements. 

No. Go to I also highly recommend getting the “Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar” on this page so you can track your improvements. Results are always better when you feedback. Use discount code: fitforgolf to avail of 10% off.

Yes. For people who work out at home the drills can be integrated into the workout. For those who workout in a gym this will not be possible so they can be done at different times.

Send a message through the app or e-mail


There will be a feature within the app to cancel your own subscription soon. 

For now – just send a message stating you want the app to be cancelled.


There are no free trials. 

If you are unhappy with the quality of the product send an e-mail within 7 days of purchase and I will offer a refund. 

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