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Golf Strength Training: Part 2 of the “Big 3” in Golf Fitness


In Part #1 “Mobility”  I covered how better mobility can give you a longer backswing for more distance. Now, let’s explore golf strength training.

Golf Strength Training Misconceptions

Now it’s time add some strength to that extra range of motion. The benefits improving strength has on your golf game are far reaching. Better swing mechanics, more club head speed, less aches and pains, and more endurance coming into the closing stretch.

A long held myth is that golfers should avoid training for increased strength because it would “bulk them up” and lead to a loss of flexibility. Nothing could be further from the truth. Strength training burns lots of calories, so can actually be a great way to lose fat and develop some muscle. Gaining muscle is an extremely slow and difficult process, so it’s almost impossible to gain so much it has any negative effects at all. This is especially true for females as they have much lower levels of testosterone, the muscle building hormone! We also lose muscle and strength every year after approx age 30, so it’s really important both for golf and quality of life that we actively work on it. In regards to mobility, research is clear that strength training can improve it!!!

The message couldn’t be more clear – Everyone should work on their strength!

How Does Golf Strength Training Help My Game?

For amateur golfers to #1 key to lower scores is increased Greens In Regulation (GIR). This is a fact. If you can increase club head speed and driving distance by getting stronger, you will be closer to the hole making it easier to put the ball on the green. You may also be able to hit 1-2 clubs less into par 3’s.

What do I need to do?

Strength is the foundation for power. If we can increase strength levels it’s much easier for us to produce force in the swing. A little known fact is that much of the improvements from strength training have nothing to do with increasing muscle size. Practicing strength training regularly makes us better at recruiting our fast twitch muscle fibers – a sure fire way to get your playing partner’s attention.

Try this 4 Exercise Resistance Band Routine 3 x week and enjoy a 10-20 yard longer walk up the fairway!

All instructions are in the video!

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