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Dr. Keith Baar – Golfers and Tennis Elbow Rehab


I interviewed Dr. Keith Baar on the Fit For Golf Podcast to discuss how these injuries occur and what we can do to rehab them.

During the podcast Dr. Baar spoke about the benefits he and his research team have found in isometric loading protocol’s for stimulating tendon repair.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast to hear the proposed mechanisms behind how this specific type of exercise works, and how it is different to more traditional loading.

One of the very nice practical applications of this suggested protocol is how simple it is to do from home in a short period of time.

To provide a clear illustration of the exact type of exercise being discussed in the podcast I recorded these videos.

Please note, this is not designed to replace medical advice. See a doctor if you have concerns about any injuries. The exercises advised here are extremely low risk however, so if you have been battling golfers or tennis elbow for a long time without much improvement, I highly recommend giving these exercises a try for at least 4 weeks.  Dr. Baar mentions in the podcast that this time frame should provide the opportunity for significant improvement.

I would absolutely love to hear how these exercises go for you. Please keep me posted! Let’s start a thread over on Twitter. My username is @fit_for_golf and you can find Dr. Baar by searching @musclescience