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The 5 Best Strength Exercises For Golfers


1. Squat

Main muscles: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors

Or in this case “split squat”

I like split squats as when training at home people are often limited with the weight they have to make squats challenging

Split squats put the majority of the load on one leg

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2. Hinge

Main muscles: Hamstrings, glutes, back

While squats (or split squats) are “knee dominant”, these are “hip dominant”

If we can get good at squatting and hinging, our lower body strength and mobility will be in good shape

3. Rotate

Main muscles: Obliques

Obviously the golf swing involves a lot of rotation.

Having an exercise that has us twisting our body instead of just working in a straight line up and down is a good idea.

Bands are cheap and work great.

4. Push

Main muscles: chest, shoulders, triceps

In this video I am showing a “horizontal push”, which is pushing straight out in front of you.

Another common push is an overhead / vertical push, or incline push, which are also great.

Push ups a fine choice too!

5. Pull

Main muscles: Lats, upper back, biceps, forearms.

This is a vertical pull, a horizontal pull, like rows are also excellent 👍.

Get a pull up bar you can use at home (loads of options on Amazon), and get some bands for assistance if needed.

Sets, reps, frequency?

Sets: 1 – 3 of each exercise.

Reps: I like sets of 5 to 8 reps most of the time, but it can require a lot of weight to make this challenging. The main thing is you do enough reps so that each set is hard.

Ideally you can change weight based on the exercise.

Frequency: 1 to 3 times per week if doing all the exercises in each session.

There is lots of room for tweaking with this though. You could just do one of these exercises each day for example, and have a mini workout 5 days or the week!

Lastly…it’s really impossible to pick “the best 5”, but if these 5 were the only ones you ever did it would be 👍.

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