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Episode #17 - 23 Mar 2021 - 1 hr 12 min

Speed & Distance Group Discussion

In this episode I am joined by 4 extremely knowledgeable golf coaches to discuss swing speed.

Lee Cox coaches long drive competitors, European Tour players, and recreational golfers. He is probably best known as a “distance consultant”, as he has so much experience working with players who are very eager to learn how to hit the ball further.

Jack Bado works for The Golf College and is the lead coach for Project Tour School. Needless to say Jack has a wealth of experience working with teenagers and high level amateurs trying to take the next step with their games.

Stewart Corstorphine specialises in 3D analysis with the golf biodynamics system. This is a high tech swing measuring system which provides intricate detail on how the golfer and club move. Stewart teaches golfers of all levels.

Steve Furlonger is an expert in force plate & ground reaction force analysis. He is one of the only coaches in the UK to have the GASP Dual Force plate system installed on his lesson tee. He works with a number of European Tour players, high level amateurs, and recreational golfers.

When recording this podcast there was some audio interference for the first 3-4 minutes while the guests were introducing themselves. Rather than having you sit through this I deleted that section of the audio and provided the guests bio’s. You will be joining the conversation just in time for the first question.