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Exercises to help you swing faster

Swinging driver as fast as possible for 20-50 swings 3 x week, and / or following a Stack System overload and overspeed program, and doing so when free from fatigue, are at the top of the “speed training tree” in terms of importance.

Here are some other training exercises you can consider to develop your potential to swing faster.

A focus on higher movement speeds and exercises that more closely replicate the demands of the swing are probably important when you no longer see transfer from “regular lifting” or “just getting stronger” to club head speed. If you’re at a point where you have hugely plateaued in strength and it takes you 6 months to put 10lbs on your squat or 5lbs on your bench, you’re probably not going to see those small changes in maximum strength show up in the swing.

You might benefit more from the ability to produce force at a faster rate, which requires lighter and much faster movements in training.

This isn’t an excuse to not get strong. Definitely do that.


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