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Produce more force in the golf swing

Force production, commonly referred to as “strength”, has an element of context specificity.

Getting stronger (producing more force) at one thing, doesn’t automatically mean you will be stronger at another thing.

If you want to produce more force in the golf swing, to influence swing speed, I think these are two pretty good exercises.

I’m looking for the sweet spot of heavy enough to be very challenging, but not so heavy I can’t perform the movement in the way I want.

Doing one hand at a time to overload the arm / shoulder / scapula area.

They feel really good. Have been doing them 3 x week. Wish I’d started using them sooner.

I still bench, row, overhead press, do weighted pull ups etc.

If you notice that you don’t get stronger in these anymore, even though you’re training them hard, or that you’re getting stronger in them but your speed isn’t budging, it might be worth experimenting with some different exercises.


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