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Staggered Stance Deadlift 🦵🏽🏌️‍♂️

I put these in as an alternative to barbell RDL’s a couple of months ago.

I found as weight was going up in RDL’s it was becoming more of a lower back exercise & less of a hamstring & glute exercise.

Feeling these more in hamstring & glutes.

When you go with a regular stance, your back has to bear the load needed to train both legs.

With this stance, you reduce the help from the staggered leg. Now your back only has has to bear the load that is needed to train what you can lift in this stance, which is less.

But you’re still getting as much, or maybe even more stimulation on the hamstring and glute on the leg with the foot flat on the ground.

So potentially less stress on the lower back, and more stress on the hamstring and glute.

Stronger hamstrings & glutes is very desirable for golfers. These muscles contribute quite a bit to swing power!

Those are the pros.

There are two limitations.

1) It takes more than double the time, as you must do both legs, and rest between each leg.

2) There’s a little bit of a balance demand, and if you’re struggling with balance, motor unit recruitment & force production will drop. The base of support is still quite solid, and balance tends to improve quickly. Then you can really reap the benefits.


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