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The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual

Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual

be Ready From the First Swing

No more stiffness or tightness on the first tee.

Do what the best Players do

Professionals & Elite Amateurs do not start their warm-up with their wedge. It starts with a thorough warm-up of the body, priming them for optimum performance. There's no reason you cannot do the same.

Reduce Aches & Pains

Whether your issue is a knee, hip, back or shoulder, there is a routine in this manual to help you.

5 minutes - do anywhere

Follow from home or the gym. Suitable for all fitness and age levels. Alternative exercises provided in the videos to suit everyone.

Manual Details

  • The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual is a video based e-book.
  • It contains 9 different warm-up routines you can choose from, to prepare your body as best as possible before practice or play. The manual easily downloads to your mobile device (and / or computer) making it simple to access wherever you may be. Once you have downloaded the manual, you won’t even need an internet connection to follow the videos!
  • Feel & Move Better, Swing Better, & Play Better – From The Beginning Of Your Round.

    No more rushing through a bucket of range balls to try and loosen out, or taking a few holes to “get in the groove”. With the Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual you can warm-up like the pro’s and be physically ready for your best golf, from your very first swing. You will also be reducing your chance of picking up an injury, or getting stiff or sore as the round goes on.

    The 9 different warm-up routines are based on varying resources that may or may not be available, such as facilities / equipment, time, and individual needs like nagging injuries or particularly tight or stiff body parts.

    All routines can be done in 5-10 minutes and are suitable for all fitness levels. The vast majority of them require zero / minimal equipment, and can very easily be done at home, at the golf course, or on the range. You won’t even look silly!

    The routines are very simple to follow, and very effective.

    The 9 Routines:

    1) Resistance Band (The only equipment required is a resistance band)

    2) Golf Club (The only equipment required is a golf club)

    3) Body Weight Circuit

    4) In A Rush Golfer’s Essentials

    5) Joint By Joint

    6) Hip Emphasis

    7) Lower Back Emphasis

    8) Shoulder Emphasis

    9) Pro Power

    + FREE Bonus Foam Rolling / Self Massage Guide

    As you can see from the comprehensive selection of routines above, there is a warm-up to suit every need. I suggest you experiment with them all, and even combine aspects of different routines to find what works best for you.

Important Download Instructions

*IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTES – Please Read Before Downloading**

The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual is a 550mb downloadable epub file. Please ensure the device you are downloading with has adequate storage to accommodate this.

epub is the default file type for video based e-books. Please read the notes below that correspond with the device you will be using to download the manual, as not all devices handle epub files in the same manner. I want to ensure your experience downloading and viewing the manual is as simple as possible so please take note of the following information.

  • Apple iPhone & iPad: The file will play perfectly in the iPhone & iPad default app for e-books “Apple Books”. If you do not currently have Apple Books on your phone it is free in the app store. Before you try to download the manual, go to: Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Never. The file takes a few minutes to download, depending on the quality of your internet connection. By default, if the iPhone screen goes to sleep before the product is fully downloaded, you will need to start the download again. This problem can be avoided by following the instructions in bold above. Once the file is downloaded, you will receive a prompt to “open in books”. Once you have done this, you can go back and adjust your “Auto-Lock” timer to whatever your preference is.
  • Android Devices: Android device users will need to download a third party epub reader from the Googe Play store. There are many available for FREE. The reason for this is that Google Play Books, the default epub reader will not open files greater than 100mb. The Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual is 550mb. There are a number of free apps you can download on your android device to view the Manual

You can experiment with the following apps from the Google Play store, and see which one you like best. Note: Download one of these apps first, then download the manual, and choose to open in whichever of the apps below you have downloaded.

– Kotobee Reader

– Lithium

  • For Laptop / Desktop: Most computers do not come with an epub reader installed. There are two easy, free solutions. The first is enabling “Readium” in your Google Chrome browser. Simply enter “Readium” in your Google Chrome web browser, and follow the prompts. The other is downloading the Free Software “Adobe Digital Editions”. (Note this is not the same software as Adobe PDF reader).  There will be a Macintosh (Mac) & Windows download option. Once you have downloaded the Fit For Golf Warm-Up Manual and saved it somewhere on your computer, it will be simple to open with either Readium or Adobe Digital Editions. I personally prefer Readium.

Click HERE for Readium.

Click HERE for Adobe Digital Editions.

Frequently asked questions

 No. It is a digital book, as its content is predominantly videos.

Yes. You will receive an email with a link to download the file after purchase. Just click into this e-mail and download the file using any compatible devices you desire.

Each warm-up is a slightly different duration, but each can be done in 5-10 minutes.

 In the vast majority of the warm-up routines, there is no equipment required. If you have a resistance band, a golf club, and a foam roller you can perform all of the warm-ups. Click HERE for the resistance bands I recommend.

Either at home or at the course is fine. If you have a long car journey, then the course will work better. I recommend doing the warm-up routine of your choice just before you hit balls. If you will not be hitting balls before your round, I suggest doing your warm-up within 60 minutes of tee off time. I also advise using the routines in the manual to warm-up before a range session.

Yes. These routines can be done to work on mobility away from the course at any time. They can be done after golf if you feel stiff or sore. They are a great option for a warm-up before a gym or running workout. They can also be used as “mini workouts” when time & equipment may be limited. Travelling is a good example of when the routines in this manual are a very useful resource. To use as a mini workout, you can increase the number of sets and reps, and add weight if desired.

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