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Episode #41 - 3 Jul 2023 - 50 min

Greg Lehman – Chiropractors vs PT’s, injuries, recovery, and the science of stretching

After a 5 month break, the Fit For Golf Podcast is back, and I hope to bring you more frequent episodes. In today’s episode I talk with Greg Lehman, who is a trained chiropractor, physical therapist, and strength and conditioning coach. Greg is a very keen golfer and has also done some of his research studies in golf.

We talk about the differences and similarities between chiros and physios, common misunderstandings, good vs bad practice, and things to look out for with a practitioner if you are looking for one.

We also delve into whether swing mechanics can predict the likelihood of injury, the science of stretching, and why most things touted as improving recovery really don’t do much.