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Episode #26 - 30 Nov 2021 - 56 min

Seamus Power – Thriving on the PGA Tour

In this episode of the Fit For Golf Podcast I am joined by PGA Tour Player Seamus Power. Seamus is currently on an upward trend that few golfers in the world can rival. At the beginning of 2021 he was ranked 434th in the world. Since then he has won his first PGA Tour event, picked up 5 top 10’s and climbed to 70th in the world rankings.

In this episode we discuss how his game has improved so much, and what he plans to do to get even better.

I got to know Seamus in May 2020 when we started working together on his physical training. He is a superb athlete, clearly a world class golfer, and an extremely nice guy. During our hour long conversation Seamus is very open in detailing how he has approached golf improvement.

While he is at a level that very few can relate to I think any keen golfer can learn from the lessons he shares.