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Episode #15 - 9 Mar 2021 - 1 hr 7 min

Dr Mark Campbell – Golf Psychology

Professional golfer, PhD in Sport Psychology, author or co author of 126 scientific journal articles, and consultant to amateur and professional golfers. Sound like someone you can learn from?

In this episode of the Fit For Golf Podcast I am joined by Dr. Mark Campbell. Mark is a former professional golfer and highly decorated amateur. He has a PhD in Sport Psychology and is particularly interested in studying elite performers. He now uses his in depth education and experience to help golfers improve their play.

In this episode we look back at Mark’s amateur and pro career, how he combined his sport psychology education and elite golf, and how he now helps golfers.

Mark is a tremendous recourse and a true expert in his field. I am sure you will learn from him and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.