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Low Stress Jump Training

Jumps are a great way to train rate of force development and the fast twitch fibers of the lower body.

Some people have injuries or concerns & omit them.

This variation is great for limiting stress, but still the benefits noted above.

The removal of the quick downward phase and change of direction reduces the stress on the tendon (useful if you have a tendon issue, not necessarily a better exercise).
It also forces a very high rate of force development as we get no benefit of the stretch shortening cycle. This might be useful to include in your training in addition to regular jumps.

The box also hugely reduces the impact stress. You’re landing from a much smaller height. The goal isn’t to get into as a high a box as possible, that usually doesn’t mean jumping higher, it means more knee tucking and back rounding to make the landing, we just want to eliminate impact.

Great option for anyone rehabbing a knee injury and wants to ease back into jump training.


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