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5 Minute Golf Warm Up


Do you hate being stiff for the first few holes?

Not really sure how to get loosened out before you play?

Bookmark this page, and use it before your next round 🏌️‍♂️!

1. Leg Swings

Nice one for the hips and hamstrings.

10 reps backwards and forwards on each leg.

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2. Pelvis Rotations

Amateur golfers tend to really struggle with rotating their pelvis and creating separation between the pelvis and torso.

Pressing the club into the ground keeps the upper body in place, allowing you focus on the pelvis.

10 reps each way.

3. Pivot, Pivottt!!!!

Let’s get the pelvis and torso rotating, and feeling our 👣 power the movement.

By taking the hands & arms out of the equation, we can’t be lazy with our rotation.

Gradually build the speed & power.

10 reps each way.

4. Arm Circles

Focus on keeping your elbows extended & getting your arms close to your ears as they pass your head.

This will maximise shoulder range of motion (stretch) on each rep.

Restricted shoulder mobility can mean shorter swings & less speed.

Work on it!

10 each way.

5. Neck Rotations

Golfers tend to forget about the importance of “cervical spine” / neck rotation….until they have an issue there, & then realise how hard it is to swing with a stiff neck!

This is a simple way to warm it up & keep it mobile.

10 reps in each direction.

5 exercises for a short & effective golf warm up 👍

This little routine is also perfect to do at any time as extra mobility work.

A nice way to break up extended periods of sitting or standing still!


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